Month: September 2020

A gem of hospitality service

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Golden Temple Residence is one among well-known Boutique style Hotels in Siem Reap, offering the very personalized service with upscale facilities/amenities. Here you are a showcasing video for deeper insight and what make us unique from others. Keeping us in your list and never wasting time browsing for best place to stay.

Kompong Phluk Floating Village, untouched natural reservoir

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Siem Reap is well known for her abundance of magnificent temples. However, the area is also rich of diverse attractions subject to the seasonal change. Kompong Phluk is a popping up destination beyond temples during this raining period. One among 3 attractive floating villages, Kompong Phluk (harbor of tusks) has reserved her untouched natural charm. There you will witness the vivid daily life of local dwellers, their stilt and floating houses, school, hospital, etc. The flooded forest (or freshwater mangrove) is not only shelter to biodiversity but also serves as buffer barrier, prevents village from monsoon typhoon.

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